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Art Pieces

Silicon Bronze has many names.  Commonly called "Everdur" or CDA 873, it is made of 95% copper, 4% silicon and 1% manganese.  It has a density of .3lb/ per cubic inch.  This combination has been the choice of sculptors for thousands of years.  Please feel free to browse this page and learn more about the art of casting and see some of my other creations.  Occasionally, I offer pieces for sale.

Silicon Bronze ingots, each one weighs about 15lbs

Texas Cattle Brand 

Hand crafted specifically for a special client located in West Texas.

Contact me if you would like a one of a kind

art piece custom tailored to your ranch that will become a family heirloom!

Highly detailed wax work replicates faithfully in bronze.


Watch how the cattle brand was created

This little jewelry box was my first bronze creation.  Click the image to see full size.

Short video demonstrating Dewax and breakout procedures

The Bronze Anchor was created for my niece in remembrance of her grandfather.

Highlights of the Bronze Anchor, no mold was created so this is one of a kind.

"The rose that never dies" 

Limited to only 10 produced signed and numbered

For sale: CLICK ME if you would like to buy one for your sweetheart!

Part 1 of The rose that never dies

Part 2 of The rose that never dies

"The Fibonacci Fox"

Here is a rare look into the entire creation of a piece of fine art.  Conducted as a joint venture project with well know artist, Fritz Hoppe, this piece is contemporary and whimsical. 

Please CLICK HERE for more information or would like to purchase your very own Fibonacci Fox!

Fritz demonstrates sculpting the Fox

Part 2 of Casting the Fox

Part 1 of Casting the Fox

Fritz unboxes the fox

"The Forgotten picture frame"

I found a picture frame at a junk store one day in Montrose Colorado for a buck.  It was a typical resin import with beautiful artwork.  I decided to replicate it in bronze.  I made only 2 of these and have decided to sell one of them.  If you would like to own the only other picture frame I will ever make, you may purchased it HERE.

The Dogs

This project was taken on to assist a fellow metal caster that was having trouble sand casting it.  A silicone mold was made, a wax copy created and I poured a pair of these in bronze.  Originally, it was a cheap cast iron import key chain holder.  I have only made 2 of these, but would be willing to pour another if you desire.

Contact me for more details and price.  A 3 part tutorial of this process can be found by clicking HERE!

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