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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why steel?  Good quality unfinished steel when not exposed directly to salty environments will survive in excess of 60years.  Steel can also be easily powdercoated in virtually any color imaginable to help extend it's life.  It is an extremely versatile material that holds it's shape unlike flimsy copper lanterns allowing for bending and forging. 

  2. Construction.  "A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link!"  Typical copper lanterns are held together with rivets or by soldering.  Rivets are the weak link and soldering isn't much better.  Lantern flames are small and often compared to a pilot light on a stove or water heater.  This may come as a surprise, but temperatures INSIDE natural gas lanterns reach OVER 400 degrees fahrenheit.  This is only slightly cooler than the melting point of solder!  The preferred and ONLY method used at is tungsten inert gas welding, more commonly known as TIG welding.  This process is very slow and time consuming, but fusing pieces together by controlled melting yields a far stonger lantern that will last a lifetime.  In case you are wondering, steel melts at 2500degress and bronze approximately 1750degrees.

  3. Will you build my lanterns electric?  My passion lies with gas lanterns, but you may choose to have them built without burners and electrify them yourself.

  4. Are other burner options available?  Yes!  Options range from single flame to a 7stemed, 3 tiered candelabra burner.  All burners and gas valves are constructed of brass.  Sorry, I do not install mantle style burners.

  5. What is the expected build time?  Each lantern is built entirely by myself with passion and will be finished when it's finished.  Exact time lines will be discussed for bespoke work and a 50% deposit expected upon commission.  Expect to wait, or purchase whats on the bench before it's finished.  It is not uncommon for a pair of large steel lanterns to take in excess of 200hrs to build.  If you are choosing bronze lanterns, build times often exceed 700hrs!

  6. Why aren't prices posted?  Large gas lanterns are the jewelry of any fine architectural structure.  They evoke a certain feeling that cannot be measured by price.  These lanterns are not found anywhere else in the world and once sold, the design will only be replicated for the original purchaser.  I reserve the right to hold cast bronze lantern molds, but they will only be used for the original purchaser to obtain additional fixtures.  Most bronze artwork is sold on a limited edition basis.  This is how I chose to operate as I am not a high volume operation.  Please remember these are EXCLUSIVE, functional works of art.

  7. What is your warranty?  Warranties are provided to the original purchaser for a period of 2years on burners, thermocouples and valves.  Steel construction is warrantied for 10years and lanterns constructed of silicon bronze are warrantied for as long as I am alive.  Yes!  They are that good!  Due to the intense heat of any open flame, powder coating is NOT warrantied.  All unfinished steel lanterns are DESIGNED TO RUST.  Consideration for future rusting is accounted for during construction and is part of their charm, character and allure.

  8. Powdercoating.  While I personally do not recommend powdercoating gas lanterns, it is available upon request.  Please understand powdercoating is a coating that is "melted on" to steel at 400degrees in an oven.  After operating gas lanterns, discoloring towards the top of lanterns is highly possible.  It is safe to assume you will have to refinish the powdercoating every 10years to preserve its original look and color.  Silicon bronze lanterns will not be powdercoated.

  9. Rusting.  Rust is a fact of life.  Everything eventually will rust or corrode back to it's natural state.  IF a rusty look isn't for you and you desire something capable of lasting a thousand years, the solution is Silicon Bronze.  Lanterns can be made from 100% Silicon Bronze and then allowed to patina naturally or a forced patina of your choice added during construction.  I highly recommend silicon bronze lanterns when exposed to salty conditions.  These lights truly are the best lanterns your money can buy and will last for CENTURIES! 

  10. Sizing Gas lights for your project.  Ask any professional designer and they will tell you the number one faux pas when selecting exterior lighting is improper SIZE.  Standing in a typical box store, practically any light will look large enough.  Once installed, the mistake is only then realized.  Custom high end residences deserve fine jewelry that doesn't come from a box store.  Photos of your intended application are appreciated and if you are located in Texas, please expect to meet with me personally before construction begins.

  11. Do you sell electronic ignitors?  I'd rather not and here's why.  They will not really save you money in the long run.  Burning natural gas is surprising cheap!  Gas consumption is based on burners installed and typically cost pennies per day.  That's a tiny price to pay for the beauty and security of burning lanterns 24hrs a day.  However, If you still feel the need to light your lanterns with an electric switch, provisions can made to accommodate you with the best quality parts on the market, but I cannot warranty their function.

  12. Are gas lanterns difficult to maintain?  Not at all.  Actually, it's one of the lesser known endearing qualities about open flame gas lanterns.   Bugs and spiders are not attracted to the dim light and the heat they produce usually prevents birds from building nests on them.  The glass is easily removable from all lanterns for easy cleaning.  Lanterns are supplied with 1 extra pane of 1/4" glass, specifically designed glass cleaner, interior mounting plates, bolts and a hand made valve key.  Due to the weight of these lanterns and the gas connection, we recommend these be installed by a professional in accordance to your local building codes.

  13. Do you ship?  Yes, lanterns will be carefully packed individually in wooden crates, insured for full value and shipped world wide.  Contact us for details!

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